Thursday, 18 April 2013

Old Story

Its been a long time i haven't updating my blog. Yeah such a lazy girl i know. But I really have been busy for the past few months and yeah my final exam already over (Alhamdullilah!*menangis tersedu sedu) Ok motif sangat nak nangis haha. And you know what, i'm in my final semester! Wehooo:p Ok takpayah nak suka sangat lah padahal next sem memang paling mencabar sebab ade FYP which stands for FINAL YEAR PROJECT. Siap bold bagi nampak sebab nak tunjuk betapa penting nya bende alah ni wkwkwkwk. And this is the most important and challenging thing I've to do for next sem coz kene present sorang sorang hokay? Like what the..(serious takut). Imagine je lah kau kena present sorang sorang and explain about all the chemical things and yeah i'm chemical engineering student. Neither proud nor happy. 

Actually yang kat atas tu bukan lah the old story nye haha. Its been 4 months I tak jumpa my boyfriend you knoww. Its really hard but what can I do. Long distance relationship isn't funny my fren. A few months ago I keluar dengan Ilyas. We go to Pavilion and berjimba sampai malam.ehem. Berjimba di sini bukan bermaksud partayyy clubbing and so on ye. Just makan makan shopping then balik. Sehari je but worth it :)

Konon candid leww tu hihi. Ni masa kat Manhattan Fish market. I order Rice with chicken bla bla bla tak ingat haha. But quite delicious jugak la. Should try.

Ilyas with his spagetti. Serious spagetti ni sedap. And Fish n Chip kat sini pun sedap! Andddd die punya cheese friess sedap gilaaa haha. Count how many word 'sedap' I use?

Masa ni dekat one kedai aiskrim nama Shimino. Aiskrim kat sini no joke okay. Not like regular ice cream coz die guna macam tepung and sumbat all the ice cream and fruits inside there. Yummy!

My outfit that day :

Shawl : beli online
Bag : Brands outlet
Top : Brand outlet

Hope I can always update my blog after this. Rindu sebenarnye nak update blog but rasa malas tu mengatasi segalanya haha. 


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