Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hello people!:)

I love cooking! Especially when it comes to desserts or cakes or muffins or anything that would be easy to make hehe! Today i'm gonna show my recipe 'turun temurun' haha. It is BUBUR SUMSUM! Yeahh maybe it sounds weird. "Bubur sumsum?Ape tu?Tulang sumsum ke?" It is not tulang sumsum ladies and gentleman=.=' It is a kind of dessert i guess heee. But I bet it will be delicious! I love the taste which is combination of sweet and a little bit of salty. Macam lemak lemak lah. Sedap tahu? Come here I show you the picture of bubur sumsum:p (macam panggil orang pulak)

This is my version of bubur sumsum!:) Maybe it looks like macam cincai cincai  je and seolah-olah hati tak ikhlas nak buat tapi percayalah! Sedap hingga menitis air matakuT_T ceh over. If you want to look the real version. Eh bukan nak cakap ni tak real haha. But yang nice sikit lah... 

Maybe this one look more nicer than my version but I think the taste goes to mine hehehe

If you look for the recipe, I think it is hard for me to write in English and the same goes to you right? So just click HERE :) Have a nice day guys and don't forget to try this recipe! Bubyeeee;p


  1. sumsum mmg sedappp ! i loikee !! ;)

  2. my favourite!!!

    - -

  3. awwww, yana chanteks ni bukan stakat fashionista gorgeous, pandai masak pulak tuewww. untunglahhh siapa dapat youuuu. hikhikhik *tolonglah baca dengan nada gedik :P

  4. Hahaha. Amboii melagho di belog saye ye:p Gedik sangat tuuu hehe

  5. ibu OE selalu buat yang ini. hehe. memang sedap.
    makan pun tak payah kunyah. telan je. hehe. ^^


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