Friday, 13 April 2012


I just look back my entry in this blog and...*sigh. Only three post inside. I know I have to write more entry.. But did you know I love rainbow colour? hehe. It such a lovely colour I guess?:p

I used pencil eyeliner and a little bit blue eyeshadow on my eyes:) Andd for lipstick, I used Maybelline:) I forgot the code but I guess red colour hee. I love the make up and the scarf too!:) Yeahh I know I don't have flawless skin and pimples are everywhere on my face but who cares? haha

xoxo. Have a sleep tight everyone! Goodnight:)


  1. cantikk <3

    I selalu tak confident guna blue eyeshadow. because one of my classmate guna kaler tu / turqoise ke. macam tak matching dengan kulit , or dia yang leta banyak sangat , taktahu lah. then dia kena bahan je dengan lelaki-lelaki dalam class. so I pun takut nak guna -,-''

    1. Hey jangan takut:) Try it if it suits with your skin.

      Ade tips: Kalau nak letak eyeshadow,letak sikit je then you just tapping around the eyes:)


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