Thursday, 12 April 2012


Hello lovely readers !:)

I've made this new blog to share some of my inspiration in fashion. I just love this!:) I love to dress up, make up, fashion and etc hehe. I love to express my feeling in my style. And yeah for those who are in love with fashion,just check it out a few of these magazines! They are too gorgeous and inspiring! Take a look ok! 

You don't want to miss dressing for red carpet inside right? hee

another fashion magazine that I adore! I love Anne Hathaway(did i spell  right? haha) so much:)

This one absolutely pretty! There are so many beauty tips inside!:)

Love this too!:)

Coming soon right? I've must get one! hehe

These are some inspiring stuff I guess. And I love all fashion tips inside! It is not hard to be pretty guys even u pakai selipar pon u still look gorgeous because everyone has their own beauty!:) Hehe. Just waiting for my other entry lah ! Thank you much and have a lovely day sistah!:)

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