Saturday, 14 April 2012


I don't know why pimples like to appear on my face and now my face like 'kawah bulan' -.- Haha is it funny? Stop stressing yourself Yana and become more positive so that you can stop babling about pimples and make other people annoyed. My introduction doesn't show my title haha. Today was so happy guys;) I went for shopping with my beloved mother and yeahhh as you know we took a lotssss of picture hihi. Presenting my motherrr...

like mother like daughter lol hahah

And of course, many photos of mine hehe..

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I was wearing ,

Pinky heart top from online shop,tudung bawal in grey

wedges from Cartino Sonea, F.Timber bag

bangles from Chameleon,owl necklace

jeans from..(forgot)

Cartino Sonea wedges

It was happy moment when you can spent time with your beloved one. Love you mom! hehe. I just love this top and that scarf too! Oh yeah I'm just put my Revlon pencil eyeliner , red lipstick from Maybelline and a little bit plum pearl blusher on my face and i'm ready to go!:) Goodnight peeps.


  1. spending time with mum is sure the best time ever
    and the wedges is awesome... ;)

  2. Thank you dear:) Yeahh worth it spending time! hehe

  3. aww, makin cantik si kecil neh ;)

  4. Haha. Malu nye kak cat bace blog kite*hikhik

  5. cantik your mom. patut you pun cantik =)


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