Friday, 13 April 2012


Assalammualaikum and Hello gorgeouss;)

How's your today? I just don't know what to do right now..Blur. So, I make this post! hehe. I just love dreaming..Dream to have a big car, a lot of money, marriage..oppss! haha. Yeahh, I'm still young. Shouldn't think about marriage but who cares?heee I always dream about to have...

DSLR! It just suddenly across my mind lately and yeahhh I want to buy it! But maybe soon...or 5 years later.. I just use Nikon coolpix (digital camera) for now T_T Hello? Can you be a grateful person?LOL!

For sure money! HAHAHA I want a lot of money so that I can buy a lot of clothes shoes accessories! Voila!:p Love that! But yeahh I'm still a day dreamer..zzzzzz

A ton of clothes...I wish my closet would become like this one day and I don't worry to wear the same clothes for the next day:p hehe. Yeahh sometimes dream can increase your spirit! What I've to do is study study and study! Then I work..then i got a lot of money..then i can buy all these stuffs haha. Am i dream again?:)

Don't afraid to dream. Just keep dreaming what you want to dream about and work hard for it! Till then. Goodbye pretty :)


  1. me too =/ duit lah punca segala-galanya kan .

    1. Yeah I think money is everything haha!


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