Sunday, 29 April 2012


Hello guys! I know I've neglect my blog for such a long time ya..Please don't blame me:( I just wanna share some pictures of minesss(the more the 's',the more the picturesss hahaha) I was wearing ,

 colourful printed scarf beli at town, batwing shirt,pearl bracelet

Blue jeans, Pearl bracelet from Chameleon, Handbag from F.Timber

colourful printed scarf ( i just loveee animal print like leopard hehe)

Fyi, I just buy my scarf! I'm soooo in lovee with that scarf! I think I'm gonna used it for everyday:p hahaha. Oh yeah, I make hijab tutorial video inspired by  Dian Pelangi. So this is the video,

This is a kind of inspiration to girls out there:) Have a look and thanks because keep viewing my blog! Love ya! xoxo.


  1. baru follow sini. dari awieomar.blogspot. jemput la singgah sana. berminat nak join Next Top Blogger 2 tak?

  2. Thank you follow:)Next Top Blogger 2? Nice:) Insyallah,I'll join.

  3. ouh..nice DSLR plus tuan cantik sgt!!

  4. Tudung leopard! :D Hehe. Me like. Btw you are so gorgeous! Tak tipu :D

    1. Hehe. Thank you nabilla:) Leopard memang favourite all the time kan:p


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