Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chocolate Banana and Black Forest isn't enough huh?


 I think this is gonna be short entry for you guys because i've been really busy plus my final exam is just around the corner. Goshhh! What i've to do? Still berlepak-ing sambil update blog? Do you think I 'buang tebiat' sebab tibe tibe je update blog berspeaking bagai? But who do you think you are? Running round leaving scars...(jar of heart-christinna perry) Yeahh,since this is my blog. Do i care? haha.

trying to make duckface kahkah

black forest cake! want some? :)

this isn't chocolate banana rite? :)

Long black coffee

We had fun together yesterday! Watching movie,eating,shopping,babling and other-ing..hee. If i could turn that moment back:'( Ok. I've to stop until here guys. Study is waiting for me hahah.



  1. yana mmg comel andd sweet yg amat!

  2. Hehe. Thank you kak nurul:) Akak lagi comel!


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