Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My Happiest Moment

Assalammualaikum and hello=')

I'm Liyana.The one who was wearing the grey scarf match with the grey shirt and what else grey?? It had been almost one year I left my school and yeahh u know that typical feeling.Sad.......................................................(is it too much?ha ha).  Frankly,i'm not good in English at all.This is serious.Did i say something funny?

And I just wanna have some fun and experience by joining this competition by Nuffnang:) It's very exciting i guess.hehe. Ok back to the topic. This picture reminds me about few month ago during reunion at McD at Mid Valley.May be? Ha ha. Me like "mak nenek" coz always forgot.Blerghhh. Ok actually all my schoolmate had planned for this reunion since we're in school. Sounds weirdo? Yeahh i know we're like dreams too much and blablabla nonsense but finally our dream come true!hehe.

 Thanks much to my friend Azim and Syakib coz he planned this for all of us=) We really had fun during that day eventhough some of us can't attend. I love the scenery when some of my girlfriends and I enter the McD and we're like "ohmaigadddd! Long time no see?How's u'll?" and the most important part "U'll da order ke?" HAHA. May be that time we'll already starving and yeahh u know the smells of food come from that McD. I can't explain! weheeee. I feel excited that day so that i became talkative. and "chit chat" with all my friends haha.Girls.Oh my bad-______- 
I missed all my friends right now.huh(crying like a baby). I hope we'll can gather for the next time and that time may be some of my friends had just bring their kids.haha.

Thank you Nuffnang :)


  1. now we know who are actually appreciating the effort.. thankz yana.. i'm looking forward to meet you in the future, pal.. =)

  2. ur welcome ajim:) pray 4 my happiness ya!

  3. next gathering jgn lupa ajak aku laa weyh!(:

  4. haha! naseb laaaa yan. Pasni kalo ade kau kene dtg!hihi

  5. bila lama tak berjumpa, pasti mengujakan lihat satu sama lain yang masing2 ada perubahan diri:) sweetest moment pasti terukir di situ!


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